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Software, hardware and infrastructure are constantly changing. And with that the attack vectorsThe way in which, or techniques with which, a Hacker or Cracker gains unauthorized access to a system or network. The attack vector is determined in the Initial exploitation phase..
For this reason, sharp monitoring and security strategies are always on the move.

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Get support from security researchersA Security researcher whom ethically identifies weaknesses in security systems, and then reports them or works on a solution. Most hackers prefer security researcher as a job title due to the media misusing the word hacker, which resulted in the word hacker now being associated with criminal behaviour by the general public. with over 10 years of experience across the entire spectrum; from regular software development to extensive penetration testingProfessional term for what is often known as Hacking. The act of, with permission, attempting to gain access in an unconventional way.. This enables you to leverage thorough research, careful monitoring and robust countermeasures against current threats.

Risk and threat assessment

Before any security policy or defense mechanism can be effectively deployed, the risks and attack vectorsThe way in which, or techniques with which, a Hacker or Cracker gains unauthorized access to a system or network. The attack vector is determined in the Initial exploitation phase. must first be determined.

Preventive vulnerability assessment

A good defense starts with hardeningApplying changes to a system to help improve the general level of security. Like how installing a Firewall helps increasing the security of a computer. the known soft spots in your services. Followed by further testing for unknown weaknesses (zero daysAlso known as 0-day. An Exploit for a Vulnerability that has not yet been fixed. As long as nobody is aware of the weakness, the publisher cannot release an update to fix the problem. A zero day can be (ab)used in the period between being found (by Hackers or Crackers) and being fixed (by the publisher).).

Smart repressive countermeasures

The use of smart software and artificial intelligence helps with the recognition of, and defense against threats. Including large-scale automatic attacks.

Monitoring and inspection of services

The services are monitored 24/7 from the technologically progressive security operations center (SOC), suspicious actions are logged and, where necessary, further investigated.

Unauthorized access analysis

If, and as soon as an incident has occurred, it is necessary to map the point of access and the consequences thereof. Including attribution if possible.

Malicious code clean up and repairs

In the event of a breach, security researchers will track down, secure and remove malicious code. Finally, developers repair any consequential damage.

Security for modern organizations

Information security, often abbreviated and also known as InfoSecAn abbreviation for Information security. The profession in which one is bestowed with the responsibility of keeping digital information, and everything related, secure. Apart from the actual information, this includes securing the computers, networks, software and anything else that needs securing for the information to remain safe., covers various disciplines. This includes, for example AppSecA part of Infosec focused on the security of applications., NetSecA part of Infosec focused on the security of networks. and ITSecA part of Infosec focused on the security of office IT.. Each individually deployable on a separate part of the modern digital landscape. Security researchers work both offensively (Red TeamsA team of security employees specialized in offensive tactics, to test the system and the Blue team.) and defensively (Blue TeamsA team of security employees specialized in defensive tactics, to avoid a breach by Crackers and or during exercises with the the Red team. The blue team is sometimes referred to as Tiger team, CSIRT or CIRT.) to continuously improve safety. These diciplines and approach are essential to remain resilient.

Responsible security is an integral part of a modern, technical business strategy.

150,000 malicious attempts on average per day

Powerful countermeasures protect our clients 24 hours a day and prevent an increasing number of fully automated attacks. In addition to the less common manual attacks. CrackersA criminal whom unethically misuses (highly sensitive) information, as well as weaknesses in security systems, for personal gain. regularly use automated processes to identify vulnerable targets, after which they try to gain access. The motives are almost always economic and the interest varies per sector.

Number of attacks per day and sector:


Safety does not always have to be at the expense of convenience. Modern security strategies also guarantee a pleasant user experience.

Let smart solutions effectively prevent threats without hindering your users with tiring or uncomfortable security principles.


Hidden technology helps to monitor and protect 24/7. This way your end users will not notice the solid measures taken.

In contrast to old-fashioned, loud deterrence methods, suspicious acts are silently monitored, logged and warded off.

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All online systems are attacked, mostly automated.
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