Stay alert but also wishing you very happy days ahead

Blog  — Wed 14 Dec 2022

The year is almost over again. The month of the holiday season is upon us. For those working in information security, a month of mixed feelings. On the one hand coziness, family, warmth, food and drinks ... and on the other hand often a high work pressure.

From sifting through logs and preparing reports to last-minute triage, there is always something to do in December. Yet we also take this opportunity at Forendox to reflect on what we already accomplished together this year. Thank you for that. We look forward to once again reaching the finish line together this month, as we always do.

Therefore, we wish to all customers, partners, red teams, blue teams, system administrators, programmers, CIOs, CTOs, as well as everyone around them, very happy and warm days. Make it special. Until next year!