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Monitor and protect your digital services using information security. From application to network.

Software, hardware and infrastructure are constantly changing. And with that the attack vectorsThe way in which, or techniques with which, a Hacker or Cracker gains unauthorized access to a system or network. The attack vector is determined in the Initial exploitation phase..
For this reason, our sharp monitoring and security strategies are always on the move.

Identify information security risks

For your business

It is critical for businesses to make information security a key priority. As is implementation to keep business operations secure and reliable. A lack of information security can lead to financial losses, loss of intellectual property and disruption of business operations. It can also lead to reputational damage, loss of trust and even loss of customers. But partners and suppliers can also be affected.

Our effective information security solutions understand and minimize these risks. We protect our customers from threats with high-quality solutions that focus on your unique situation.

For your customers

Failure to implement information security can have serious consequences for a company's customers. Identity theft, loss of trust and invasion of privacy are just some of the disadvantages that customers can suffer when their data is exposed to risk due to inadequate efforts in this area.

Customers have the right to protect and manage their personal data. By applying information security, companies can protect their customers from these dangers and maintain their trust and loyalty. It is imperative that companies place information security high on their agenda to ensure the privacy and security of their customers.

Minimize risks leveraging our services

Protect your business results from current threats with the expertise of our security researchersA Security researcher whom ethically identifies weaknesses in security systems, and then reports them or works on a solution. Most hackers prefer security researcher as a job title due to the media misusing the word hacker, which resulted in the word hacker now being associated with criminal behaviour by the general public.. With nearly 2 decades of experience in software development, security and comprehensive penetration testingProfessional term for what is often known as Hacking. The act of, with permission, attempting to gain access in an unconventional way., we are your partner for thorough research, careful monitoring and robust countermeasures. Our services enable you to reduce risk and ensure the security of your organization.

Risk and threat assessment

Before any security policy or defense mechanism can be effectively deployed, the risks and attack vectorsThe way in which, or techniques with which, a Hacker or Cracker gains unauthorized access to a system or network. The attack vector is determined in the Initial exploitation phase. must first be determined.

Preventive vulnerability assessment

A good defense starts with hardeningApplying changes to a system to help improve the general level of security. Like how installing a Firewall helps increasing the security of a computer. the known soft spots in your services. Followed by further testing for unknown weaknesses (zero daysAlso known as 0-day. An Exploit for a Vulnerability that has not yet been fixed. As long as nobody is aware of the weakness, the publisher cannot release an update to fix the problem. A zero day can be (ab)used in the period between being found (by Hackers or Crackers) and being fixed (by the publisher).).

Smart repressive countermeasures

The use of smart software and artificial intelligence helps with the recognition of, and defense against threats. Including large-scale automatic attacks.

Monitoring and inspection of services

The services are monitored 24/7 from the technologically progressive security operations center (SOC), suspicious actions are logged and, where necessary, further investigated.

Unauthorized access analysis

If, and as soon as an incident has occurred, it is necessary to map the point of access and the consequences thereof. Including attribution if possible.

Malicious code clean up and repairs

In the event of a breach, security researchers will track down, secure and remove malicious code. Finally, developers repair any consequential damage.

Security for modern organizations

Modern organizations cannot do without effective information security, or InfoSecAn abbreviation for Information security. The profession in which one is bestowed with the responsibility of keeping digital information, and everything related, secure. Apart from the actual information, this includes securing the computers, networks, software and anything else that needs securing for the information to remain safe.. This field includes several disciplines such as AppSecA part of Infosec focused on the security of applications., NetSecA part of Infosec focused on the security of networks. and ITSecA part of Infosec focused on the security of office IT., all of which play an important role in protecting digital assets. Security researchers work offensively (Red TeamsA team of security employees specialized in offensive tactics, to test the system and the Blue team.) and defensively (Blue TeamsA team of security employees specialized in defensive tactics, to avoid a breach by Crackers and or during exercises with the the Red team. The blue team is sometimes referred to as Tiger team, CSIRT or CIRT.) to continuously improve security and resist current threats.

Responsible security is an integral part of a modern, technical business strategy. Yet it is a specialized and high-tech part of your business operations. Therefore, let our experienced security researchers help you with this with state-of-the-art high-performance solutions. Here, Forendox acts as a specialized extension of your own organization.

Attacks are on the rise globally and exponentially

Powerful countermeasures protect our clients 24 hours a day for that reason and fend off an increasing number of fully automated attacks. In addition to less common manual attacks. Crackersa criminal who unethically misuses (highly sensitive) information, as well as weaknesses in security systems, for personal gain. regularly use automated processes to identify vulnerable targets, then attempt to gain access. The motives are almost always economic and the interest varies by industry.

Average number of global attacks per week and sector in 2022
Education & research
Government & defence
Internet providers
Business service providers
Utility companies
Financial & banks
Insurrance & legal
Leisure & hospitality
Consultancy agencies
Hardware developers
Software developers
Retail & wholesalers


Security does not always have to come at the expense of comfort. Modern security strategies also guarantee a pleasant user experience.

Let smart solutions vigorously fend off threats without hampering your users with tiresome or uncomfortable security principles.


Hidden technology helps to monitor and protect 24/7. That way, your legitimate end users don't even notice the solid measures taken.

Suspicious actions are quietly monitored, logged and analyzed. Where necessary, efficient and decisive action is then taken.

Forendox WebGuard

In addition to on-demand services, Forendox also offers continuous solutions. Forendox WebGuard is a preferred solution for informational and e-commerce oriented web platforms. For example, WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, among others.

Class 1

29 / month

  • Passive screening of all traffic, human and otherwise.
  • Detection of malicious (robot-)visitors and harmful interactions.
  • Prevention of common pre-exploration attempts and attacks by a WAF.

Class 2

89 / month

  • All class 1 benefits, plus:
  • Passive checking of system integrity and health.
  • Passive monitoring of your service continuity.
  • Accelerated updates to detect and ward off new threats instantly.

Class 3

199 / month

  • All class 2 benefits, plus:
  • Active monthly checking for suspicious traces and interactions, by our SOC staff.
  • Active monthly checking of the audit trail logs, by our SOC staff.

Class 4

329 / month

  • All class 3 benefits, plus:
  • Active weekly checking of the audit trail logs, by our SOC staff.
  • Preventive (re)configurations for the purpose of hardening, by our SOC staff.

Class 5

629 / month

  • All class 4 benefits, plus:
  • Active daily checking of the audit trail logs, by our SOC staff.
  • Direct contact with the SOC for triage and support in the event of an urgent calamity or other security incident.

In collaboration with Exclusive-IT Foundation, Forendox also offers a web platform where Forendox's expertise and technology are seamlessly integrated into the design. This allows for even better and more robust protection compared to other platforms. As an added benefit, at least Forendox WebGuard Class 2 is included free of charge.

Forendox NetGuard

In addition to continuous solutions for the Web, Forendox also offers solutions for your corporate networks. Not only on-site but as far as your employees' VPN end-points. If your backbone includes on-site servers, these can be included with appropriate technology. Just like off-site VPS or dedicated servers.

Among other things, Forendox NetGuard uses specialized hardware and software, such as IDS and IPS, to detect and ward off current threats. Because business networks vary greatly, Forendox NetGuard does not have generic solutions divided into classes. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Forendox WebGuard and NetGuard subscriptions provide monitoring and detection, as well as warding off common attacks. Further manual vulnerability investigation, malicious code removal, system repair and research of unauthorized access with an attribution objective is not part of the subscriptions. These services are only offered on demand at a separate rate.

Start protecting today

Improve the monitoring and security of your corporate network and web applications. Our security researchers and developers help you implement robust security strategies. From detection and prevention to investigation and remediation.

All online systems are under regular attack, often automated. Map this out and begin your solid defense strategy.

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